Kangoo Jumps treats depression?

Kinga Sebestyen starts new KAPO study alongside doctors!

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the lives of all people, with more and more of them facing increased stress, anxiety and depression. Their mental state is affected by the insecurity of tomorrow, the fear of illness, financial and work-related problems, but also by the avalanche of alarming information and contradictory discussions on social networks.

Sport is considered one of the activities that benefits both the figure and metabolism, as well as the mental state. For the first time, a detailed study will be carried out in Romania, which aims to analyze the behavior and evolution of the mental state of those who do Kangoo Jumps for 6 months.

Kinga Sebestyen launches the KAPO Wellbeing study, with the support of a team of doctors and a psychologist. The program will take place online, and registrants will be able to follow Kangoo Jumps sessions, from home, guided by live video transmission by Kinga Sebestyen, and will participate weekly in conversation and psychological counseling sessions with a psychologist. The doctor will initiate various topics of discussion, analyze the status of each participant and, during the six months, its evolution. At the end, a report will be drawn up that will present the impact that the sport has, including on the mental state of the one who practices it.

The participants will support, for 6 months, Kangoo Jumps trainings coordinated by Kinga Sebestyen and will be monitored by doctors MD Alin Iova, Lecturer. PhD. MD Dorina Maria Farcas (Pusa), Assist. Prof. PhD. MD Olivia Ligia Burta, Psychologist Sofia Laza, Beatrice Leahu.


Kinga Sebestyén 

MD Alin Iova


Lecturer. PhD. MD Dorina Maria
Fărcaş (Puşa) 


Assist. Prof. PhD. MD. Olivia Ligia
 Trainer Coordinator
 Distributor CEO KJ
 Rehab Programs Founder
Guinness Record Holder
General Practitioner,
Physio-Kinetotherapy and
Sports Recovery,
Guinness Record Holder
Physical Rehabilitation
Medicine specialist
Guinness Record Holder
Clinical Laboratory specialist
Guinness Record Holder

Psychologist Sofia Laza
specialization in psychotherapy and work psychology
(-support and counseling)

Beatrice Leahu
Harvard certificate for Lifestyle Medicine:
Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome

In the new study, all people between the ages of 18-70 are welcome, even if they have never tried the rebound boots, which have many proven benefits, and to which will be added another: well-being.

KAPO WELLBEING Study will last for 6 months, starting from September 1, and the costs will be:

1st MONTH:

- 15 Euro - KJ workouts (3/week)

- 15 Euro - online medical consultation - MD Alin Iova

- 15 Euro - online medical consultation - Lecturer. PhD. MD Pusa Dorina Farcas

- 9 Euro - 20 min. online consultation with Psychologist Sofia Laza

2nd MONTH:

- 15 Euro - KJ workouts (3/week)

3th MONTH:

- 15 Euro - KJ workouts (3/week)

- 9 Euro - 20 min. online consultation with Psychologist Sofia Laza

4th MONTH:

- 15 Euro - KJ workouts (3/week)

5th MONTH:

- 15 Euro - KJ workouts (3/week)

6th MONTH:

- 15 Euro - KJ workouts (3/week)

- 15 Euro - online medical consultation - MD Alin Iova

- 15 Euro - online medical consultation - Lecturer. PhD. MD Pusa Dorina Farcas

- 9 Euro - 20 min. online consultation with Psychologist Sofia Laza

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“Last year we conducted the study KAPO – Health on Boots, in the desire to help dozens of people to improve various health problems, from diabetes, obesity, to problems with the spine or joints, doing Kangoo Jumps. We had spectacular results that we detailed in the first study of this type. This year we want to have a new approach. Together with the team of KAPO doctors, Olivia Burtă, Alin Iova and Puşa Dorina Fărcaş, and a psychologist, we will analyze how sport influences, in this case Kangoo Jumps, the mental state of those who follow it. We will hold three hours of Kangoo Jumps per week, exclusively online, so that anyone, from any corner of the world, can have access, plus as much as one psychological group session per week. At the end of the six months we will collect information about the evolution of the mental state of the participants and we will include them in the analysis of this study. We are going through a period of hard trials for each of us. We are stressed, anxious, depressed, unsure of what tomorrow has in store for us, we are afraid, we are outraged. All these states affect our physical and mental health. Those who do sports, in this case Kangoo Jumps, have always written to us how well this activity works for them, they are more lively, more optimistic, they have more efficiency at work. So we decided to analyze this impact in depth and include the information obtained in the KAPO Wellbeing study. Registrations can be made at kapo@kingasebestyen.com" says Kinga Sebestyen, CEO of Kangoo Club Romania and exclusive distributor of Kangoo Jumps in eight European countries.

Last year, Kinga launched the first KAPO study – Health on boots, after which 80 people from Oradea significantly improved their health through Kangoo Jumps exercises monitored by doctors.

„The first KAPO study, carried out for six months in Oradea, the city where I moved and which I love, was a success beyond expectations. We have spectacular cases of people who have improved their health, got rid of spinal problems, lost weight, toned body, are even 1-2 centimeters taller after they managed to correct their posture through Kangoo Jumps exercises. In addition, they metabolically rejuvenated even by 21 years. In the study we looked at more than 50 anthropometric and body composition parameters. Together with the team of KAPO doctors, Alin Iova, Olivia Ligia Burtă, Dorina Maria Fărcaş, we are now starting the registrations for the second module. You can sign up for healthy people who want to find out what Kangoo Jumps means or lose weight, people with various medical conditions, as well as children with disabilities, who have diabetes, autism or Down syndrome. We want to prove how Kangoo Jumps can improve health and how it generally provides a state of well-being for everyone, which will make them happier and more energetic. Registrations have already started on my website, www.kangooclubs.com. There we included all the details about what the registrations and training months for the next period entail „, says Kinga Sebestyen.

Kangoo Jumps is one of the most beloved sports everywhere. It has been proven that training on rebound boots helps in medical recovery, improving health, correcting posture, weight loss, muscle toning. The detailed results of the KAPO – Health on Boots study will be published in a book that Kinga Sebestyen, together with the team of doctors, will launch soon.